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Oyakata's message to fans from overseas




I am delighted that so many people in the world are interested in sumo nowadays. We travel overseas for sumo events more than ever before which is surely a good sign of support. Please come to watch those events in future, and also come to Japan to watch sumo. We will try our best to introduce you to its tradition, rules and etiquette so that you can enjoy watching sumo much more.

Sumo is Japan's national sport. At the same time, there are many foreign rikishi (sumo wrestlers) in the japanese sumo world lately. I work to expand sumo in the world while maintaining its tradition and uniqueness.


The Tomozuna-beya has maintained its many traditions. That doesn't mean that the heya has not changed at all. The balance of keeping tradition and remaining up-to-date is important, and this is the Tomozuna-beya's ethos.


Kyokutenho Masaru


Real Name NYAMJAV Tsevegnyam - Ota Masaru(2005.07)
Birth Date September 13, 1974
Shusshin Mongolia, Nalaikh




Kyokutenho's danpatsu shiki

Pics courtesy of Carola Gross

  Kyokutenho Danpatsu Shiki
Pics courtesy of Harumi Hotta